Culligan Aquasential Smart Reverse Osmosis Filtration System

Tested and certified by an accredited 3rd party laboratory to reduce PFOA and PFOS (two of the most widely used chemicals in the PFAS group) in water.

A few months ago, Culligan shared an update about a proposal for the first-ever national drinking water standards for a group of contaminants known as PFAS, or “forever chemicals.” More recently, a new study* estimates that these harmful chemicals could be present in nearly half of the nation’s tap water, including water in Columbus, Hilliard, Canal Winchester, Lancaster, Marysville, Bellefontaine, Marion County, Zanesville.

The proposed regulation of PFAS in drinking water likely wouldn’t take effect until 2026. However, those concerned about the potential impacts of these chemicals can take steps now to get more peace of mind.

*USGS Tap Water Study

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