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This February, get free installation (up to $200 value) on any Culligan Whole-House Water System.

Why Get A Whole Home Water System?

Nothing says I love you like pure, delicious water for your soul mate. Improve the water throughout your entire home with FREE installation on any Culligan Whole-House Water System. Take the first step by filling out the form below:

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Upgrade your water softener and experience the Culligan Difference. Your Culligan water softener can...

What System Best Describes Your Water Needs?​


What you put in your body through drinking and cooking.

  • Can help remove 99% of contaminants commonly found in tap water.
  • Connects right to your existing faucet hook up.
  • By comparison you would need to buy and replace your pitcher, fridge, or faucet filters 25x in a year to match the freshness of Culligan.


What goes through your showers, plumbing, sinks, toilets, dishwasher and washing machine.

  • It can help reduce contaminants such as chlorine, iron, sulfur and more from your water.
  • According to the University of New Mexico, softened water can reduce hot water heating costs nearly 30%.
  • Aqua-Sensor® technology which automatically adjusts to changes in water conditions so the softener only regenerates when needed


The best option on city water is a whole house carbon filter to remove chlorine that dries out your hair and skin.

  • Four filters in one remove all types of sediment from your water.
  • Large-capacity tank ensures a never-ending supply of cleaner, filtered water.
  • Culligan Water Filter neutralizes acidic** water to prevent corrosion to plumbing, fixtures,& appliances.

What our clients say

We use Culligan at both of our locations. They have provided excellent service.
Mark Sweitzer
Mark Sweitzer
16:34 01 Dec 22
Great set up for water. Thank you setting up a good water system. Different kinds of options as well
Karthik Srinivasan
Karthik Srinivasan
17:10 24 Nov 22
Devin delivered our salt today he did a great job . Very nice employee . He is very quite LoL. Thank you Devin
Wilbert James
Wilbert James
06:50 15 Nov 22
Quick and efficient services! They wasted no time helping us out as soon as we had a service request and we've had zero problems with our cooler. 10/10
Sacred Hand
Sacred Hand
18:33 27 Oct 22
Great products, good company to work with salesman and installation tech very knowledgable and helpful. Love my reverse osmosis!
Sarita Clayton
Sarita Clayton
22:36 13 Oct 22
Excellent customer service and friendly staff.
Hugh Powell
Hugh Powell
13:27 24 Sep 22
This company understands about the customer request.Sensitive.
16:23 21 Sep 22
convience of having the water that I need when I need it.
Lodeania Kuhn
Lodeania Kuhn
16:03 15 Sep 22
Great service.
Brenda Fitch
Brenda Fitch
00:20 15 Sep 22
We are very happy with our friendly service and scheduled pickup/deliveries.
Beth Bowen
Beth Bowen
15:33 14 Sep 22

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